The moment!

The learners of Edexcel BTEC HNC and HND Diploma in Photography programme of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, came up with an array of wonderful action pictures based on a concept. The learners worked in  groups. It helped them understand the pros and cons of working in a team. Combining Photography techniques with images manipulation techniques they were able to successfully execute their ideas.

“Shooting water is tricky, just a matter of milliseconds and you might lose your shot. Timing perfectly or adjusting according to situations was a big lesson for me from this assignment” says Rajesh B.

Raj Praveen says he ‘learned to express ideas with teammates, communicating with them(created a facebook group for our team to discuss and share ideas easily) and also learnt how to manage the studio shoot in given time, able to arrange things required for shoot’

“One has to come up with ideas which needs both photography  and image processing – manipulation skills along with imagination.” feels Sathiyaruban N.

Sabarinath says ” During shooting time, I faced difficulties to execute the process. But it was like real time job where I put myself to make things happen.”

“This was an interesting assignment and I have exhausted all my skills on this. I thank my group members for supporting me through the assignment.” says Sriram J.

“actually learnt a lot from this assignment. be it from selecting dancers, costumes, type of dance and importantly post production.” shares Xciba Angel


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