Silhouettes establish shape yet making the image dramatic and mysterious. Silhouettes are very powerful and aesthetic means of shape. ‘Silhouettes with an unknown shape are more interesting and thought provoking than the known shapes. Silhouetted shapes in front of a building or portraits (arches, corridors, pillars etc.) generate greater power of perspective in landscape and people shots. They are communicative, emotional and beautiful in the pictures.’ – KL Raja P0nsing

Here is a collection of beautiful silhouettes from the learners of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. It is a mixed bag of images from our Edexcel BTEC HNC and HND Diploma in Photography programme learners and also a few from our Basic DSLR Photography – weekend course participants. How to try easy silhouettes – tips by Mr.KL. Raja Ponsing – founder and director of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy will help you shoot interesting silhouette pictures. Enjoy the gallery.

links:  How to try easy silhouettes – tips by Mr.KL. Raja Ponsing

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