Panorama images are interesting representations of the scene giving the viewer a feeling of awe. Here is a collection of interesting Panoramas from the Edexcel BTEC HNC and HND Diploma in Photography programme learners of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

Arvind Babu 01

Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore, Karnataka now a heritage hotel was built in 1921 by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV.  This interesting panorama was shot by Aravind Babu N. of BTEC   HND Diploma in Photography 2013 batch during the Photography tour to Mysore, Karnataka with his batch mates and faculty Mr.KL.Raja Ponsing.

Palak Chopra

Palak Chopra –  BTEC 2013 batch learner shot this panorama depicting the vast expanse of nature –  Banasura Sagar Dam, Wayanadu, Kerala, India. It is the second largest earth dam in Asia and the largest in India. The dam is built in the Banasura Lake. The hills forming the backdrop to the clear waters of the lake makes it a photographer’s delight.

Kishore Kumar 01

This beautiful panorama of the Golden statues of Buddha Shakyamuni,Padmasambhava and the Buddha Amitayus at the Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppe, Coorg, Karnataka, India was shot by Kishore Kumar B. -BTEC 2013 batch. He has used panorama to incorporate the colorful paintings on the left and right wall flanking the three golden statues.

This is interesting black and white panoramic landscape by Rajesh M. – BTEC 2012 batch of the Kundala Lake, Munnar, Kerala, India . Kunadala lake also has the first artificial Arch dam in Asia. The lake is famous for its boat rides and attracts many tourists.

Sriram Jagannathan

Saint Alphonsa Church, Bharananganam, Kerala – a panoramic view by Sriram Jagannathan – BTEC 2012. Saint Alphonsa Church is one of the foremost pilgrim centers in south India.

Vishnu Pradeep

Interior Panorama of Saint Alphonsa Church, Bharananganam, Kerala by Vishnu Pradeep – BTEC 2012 depicting the architectural beauty of the Shrine.

Raj Praveen

Hussain Sagar Lake –  a colorful panorama shot by Raj Praveen S. – BTEC 2012 batch, captures the mood of the city at night.

Abhijeet Kullu

Mysore Palace Gate shot by Abhijeet Kullu – BTEC 2013

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