How to shoot a perfect panning shot?

Panning is just following a moving subject with the camera either horizontally or vertically or in any direction to get the moving subject sharp and blurring effect in the background. This is one of the ways you can establish the effect of motion in a still picture. You can try this in wild life, wedding, sports, children and industrial photography.

panning 03

  1. Shoot in shutter priority exposure mode. Slow shutter speeds could give great panning effect – choose shutter speeds like, 1/30, 1/45, 1/60
  2. Follow the subjects that move relatively slow – slow moving vehicles or people or anything can give an easy panning effect.panning 04
  3. Use AF – Servo or AF-C auto focusing mode
  4. Use continuous shooting/drive mode
  5. Follow the subject as it approaches the camera, but shoot when it is just parallel to the camera.panning 01
  6. Choose to shoot subjects moving fairly closer the camera – may be 10 to 15 feet distance would be fine
  7. Try getting the full subject without cropping for an interesting compositionpanning 02
  8. Keep your legs little apart and hold the camera steady. Move only the upper part of your body (above the waist) to follow the moving subject.
  9. Choose a background with some patterns – trees, buildings, large group of people etc. Avoid plain and flat backgrounds.
  10. Check the exposure for the subject and the background by shooting few test shot. Use exposure compensation if needed.panning 05

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