How to quickly transform/ scale up pixels in a layer?

Menu: Edit > Free Transform (Cntrl +T).

bg change - portrait 37

this creates a bounding box around the image pixels.

bg change - portrait 38

Click and drag one of the corner nodes away to slightly increase the size if the background layer.

bg change - portrait 39

double click or press ‘enter’ key to apply the transformation.

bg change - portrait 40

Short Cut keys for selection tools and View options

The following short cut keys is common for the Marquee tool  (M) like

marquee tool  marquee tools

  • Rectangular Marquee tool
  • Elliptical Marquee
  • Single Row Marquee tool
  • Single Column Marquee tool

While making a selection

  • Shift creates a selection of  1:1 (w:h) ratio (square /circle)
  • Alt  = selection from centre
  • Shift +Alt =(square /circle) selection from centre

 After making a selection

  • Shift  – Adds to selection

add selection

  • Alt   – Subtracts from selection

subtract selection

  • Shift + Alt – Intersects with selection

intersect selection

Lasso Tool (L)

lasso tool  lasso tools

While using

Polygonal  Lasso – Alt + drag to toggle to Lasso

Magnetic – Alt click to toggle to Polygonal Lasso and Alt + drag to toggle to Lasso


Zoom in : Ctrl +

Zoom out : Ctrl –

Pan: Space bar key

Fit screen: Ctrl 0

100% (Actual Pixels): Ctrl 1