How to get the colors right in the pictures?


  1. Use lowest possible ISO settings.
  2. Use good quality multicoated lenses with colour corrected optics.
  3. Get perfect exposure through M, Av, Tv & P exposure modes – avoid over or under exposed shots (full auto modes have to be definitely avoided).
  4. Avoid shooting in Automatic White balance – try presets like ‘Sunlight’, ‘Shade’, Tungsten’ etc. If you are comfortable, use ‘Kelvin’ white balance for better control of decor

  5. Learn to use ‘White balance shift’ control to fine-tune the colours in the camera.
  6. Avoid unnecessarily increasing or decreasing the saturation settings in the camera and in post processing.baloon boy
  7. If you are shooting in JPEG quality, select matching picture style/picture control options for the subjects accordingly.
  8. Shoot in RAW and process images in the camera RAW for better colour details.flower
  9. Use Polarizing filter on the lens to avoid unwanted reflections to get saturated colours in the daylight shots.
  10. Calibrate the computer monitor for correct ICC profiles for perfect colour corrections.

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