Career Opportunities in Malaysia

There are several career copportunities available in the Photography Industry. Watch this space for updates on the same. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy will serve as a link between the student photographers as well as the alumni and the organisations providing the opportunity. Apply with your ID number.


One of the  leading photography company ADVANCED EVENT MANAGEMENT based in Kualalumpur,Malaysia want to recruit PHOTOGRAPHY CUM PHOTO EDITING SKILL (album designing) professional.

Experienced photographers with knowledge in image processing and album design can apply. Accommodation will be provided. Please call 9444441190 to fix the appointment for the campus interview.
Those interested in only designing job can also apply immediately.

Only Ambitions 4 Photography Academy Alumni apply.

“Women today…” March 2015 – photo contest organized by Ambitions4 Photography Academy – Image Review

Women Today

Topic related to Women’s day, many enthusiastic photographers captured the women today. Few of the images deserve appreciation.

03 March Women Today 05

The images submitted by Xciba Angel were very powerful in terms of content and composition. It is about the fighting against all odds….  The child watching her mother carrying a heavy load and the sweat in red in her under arms are adding the value for the visual. The mother and child at the vital points with the ascending stairs in the other vital point make the picture for a perfect composition.

03 March Women Today 04

The next image by Xciba is again a strong picture which shows the expression of a hard working woman at par with men in a tough working environment. The legs of a man on the left and the woman with heavy load on the right are just perfect for the topic. The hard light with strong shadows speaks a lot about the scene.

03 March Women Today 02

The image by Nivethan, women carrying a gas cylinder on her lap as a pillion rider is a superb shot in the urban life style. The panning effect makes the motion perfect and the sharing of work responsibilities of any kind for the family is well represented. But again the picture tells about the risk of carrying a gas cylinder on a scooter. Note that both the riders are not wearing helmet. A little more space towards the direction of movement could have made the picture better.

03 March Women Today 03

Image by Pon Viswanathan, is about a street flower vendor showing the interesting attire and character. The composition is fine but the image looks little too flat. May the use of flash is little too much. The tree in the middle of the frame distracts the content of the story.

03 March Women Today 01

Image by Kranthi – Though a simple straight portrait, the expression of the woman is best captured. The exposure is just perfect and so is the composition. The controlled depth of field gives a beautiful separation of the women from the background. It is not directly fitting on to the theme, ….but, yes, it is good street portrait.

Top three winners of the month selected based on the maximum number of votes/ likes for the image.

picture winning 1st place  click here

picture winning 2nd place  click here

picture winning 3rd place  click here