Esmeralda Peterson – Conceptual idea generation and action photography

“Esmeralda Peterson, an overseas student from Brazil is an out standing example in our 2013 Diploma in Photography – fulltime batch. She is passionate about photography and works hard to perform despite her family commitments. Being a mother of three kids she is able to pursue her dreams through full time photography study.

These images are from her project submissions ‘Conceptual idea generation and action photography’. As an avid learner she is standing as an inspiration to most other students of our Academy.” – KL.Raja Ponsing, founder and director Ambitions4 Photography Academy


Esmeralda is an inspiration with her determination to learn and improve continuously, striking a balance between her responsibilities to her family and the Academy, ability to mingle and interact with other learners despite the vast cultural differences, and the way she conducts herself in the Academy with atmost professionalism.  – R.Preethaa, faculty – Ambitions4 Photography Academy