Jinkal Dabi

Jinkal Dabi, a passionate, hardworking determined learner sets yet another example of motivation. She quit her corporate career to pursue her passion after attending the Basic DSLR Photography Weekend course at Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. She enrolled for the One year Diploma in photography fulltime programme to make her dream of becoming a Professional Photographer a reality. It has been a challenging learning experience for her as it is a totally new field and what she is now as a photographer is truly amazing. She is currently working in the specialist areas of hi-end thematic wedding photography.

Few of the samples displayed here are Jinkal’s work in Conceptual idea generation and special effects done during her course at Ambitions4 Photography Academy. She has executed this using advanced photographic techniques and post production process.




Fashion Photography

Samples from Fashion Photography portfolios shot by the students of Diploma in Photography full-time programme of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. Each student has planned and executed their Fashion portfolio project from concept to print independently.

The students of the academy are trained to handle all photography equipment in the studio which meets and exceeds the current industry standards. They are mentored meticulously by the founder and director himself. Mr. KL.Raja ensures that every student develops a thorough understanding of various aspects of commercial photography.

The learners are well trained to shoot People for various purposes like Portraits, Model Portfolios, and Fashion etc. The students also learn people management, team play, co-ordination etc. Each picture has been planned in detail with a storyboard, photographed in the studio and digitally processed by each student individually.

Here are a few sample images from various students demonstrating their skills in their first Fashion photography assignment in the Academy.


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