Art at Work – Photography

The main tool of a photographer is of course his camera. A photographer shoots millions of images through his camera (his brains aside).

In this creation, I am portraying that when a photographers camera is faced down, a few of those billion images shot from it and stored in fall right out. The final picture is a composite of few images having action in them. In order to show that these objects are coming out of the camera and falling on to a floor, like the water droplet is doing, I created a gradient to the bottom half of the image.

WIP Photography

The final touch, to make the image a bit more interesting and also break monotony, I included a totally irrelevant subject, myself, in the scene. I found it interesting to add a human touch to the picture. It also helped me bring out the falling effect.

Most importantly, as I was going to use this image as the first in the layout, I wanted this image to have a stamp of my character in it (at least to the people who know me). I wanted to include an ever so slight funny side to this image and hence I included a falling myself in the picture. It also brings out an interesting twist of showing an otherwise bigger object very small and in between things one least expects it to be.

-Siddharth Krishnamachari
Advanced Diploma in Photography -fulltime batch 2014

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