Splashing in and out

This was the first time I attempted to shoot images to make a calendar. The thought process and the workflow are entirely different than other types of shoots.

Here is one image that I like to explain.

Diploma in Photography Fulltime

Diploma in Photography Fulltime

I wanted to have the glass appearing to be floating on water, and being underwater at the same time, grapes splashing into it.

The glass shot underwater required many to shots to be done in precision else it would not fit in during post production. I had done such an image in my Fashion Photography assignment, so I knew how careful I had to be while shooting. All the separate images went on as planned but it took me half a day to finish all the required images for that.

This image involved fair bit of complex post production. Base image was an inverted image of glass being inverted in the water. But I had to replace the top part of the glass, with a shot taken on a table involving the splash. I composited that and the result was glass with splash and floating in water. Next I carefully selected two of many shots of grapes splashing and composited those as well. Masking those was a hard job. To complete the underwater feel, I composited some bubbles as well, from other shots. Once I had the layout ready, I retouched finer details using a lot of tools on Photoshop, finally making all the layers stick together.

The final image contains 7 images combined and then retouched for finer details

The files from the camera were in RAW format. I used Adobe Lightroom to apply lens profile corrections, to remove barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and to remove unwanted lens vignette.Photoshop was used for masking and fine tuning the layer mask susing refine mask option.Blending modes were used where I felt them to be necessary.

Other tools used were healing brush, clone stamp, patch heal, content aware fill etc.. This stage clears up all the fine spots, scratches or dust on the subjects.

The calendar layout was also made in Adobe Photoshop. I called up my printer to check for available native print sizes and to decide the target print size.

I learnt how to start planning for a new type of shoot.

Got more practice in shooting action inside the studio.

Learnt where to find sources of inspiration. I used to search randomly on Google. This time I couldn’t find anything easily. So I asked a friend for help and he suggested to search in pinterest instead of searching on Google. Sounds silly but it really helped me a lot in planning stage.

This was the first time I tried to shoot food. By research I learnt how to light different types of food. And how to maintain the quality of the food so that it looks good in the final images.

The calendar printing made me realize that 300gsm matte paper prints require a lamination to make it durable. Else it gets scratched easily.

-Abhinandan N.
Advanced Diploma in Photography -fulltime batch 2014






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