Ever since its inception in 2001 Ambitions 4 Photography Academy has made a difference and change in the lives of many learners of photography. Among them, there are few, who had made it really big and achieved their qualification despite of many constrains and challenges in their personal life.

Deshabanthu 01

Deshabanthu receiving his BTEC Higher National Diploma from Mr.Roger Dimond – International Standards Verifier -Edexcel UK in the presence of Mr.KL Raja Ponsing founder and director Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and his Father Dr.Kiruba

An out standing story of success is from Deshabanthu – 22 yrs. Can a person who is unable to speak and hear, do a photography course and win an international diploma? The answer is a Big YES. Unfortunately, Deshabanthu, son of a Veterinarian from Sri Lanka, could not speak and hear. The family had migrated from Sri Lanka to India for the sake of the education of Deshabanthu and his artist brother who is also like him.  As a differently abled person with this huge limitation in life, Deshabanthu had made it big and achieved the BTEC HND Level -5 diploma.

Deshabanthu 02.jpg

Theena, Deshabanthu’s brother, Father Dr.Kiruba, Mr.KL Raja Ponsing  with Deshabanthu

When some of his own class mates were not able to get this qualification, Deshabanthu had proved that it is not the personal disabilities that could stop someone from success. It is his determination, attitude, sheer hard work and passion for photography that had made him to achieve this laurel.

A shy and little introvert in nature, Deshabanthu, had to always isolate himself from the rest of the class and look only for my lip movement and body language keenly to understand my communication. Of course for some of the classes, he also brought his Dad, who can effectively communicate with him. He is also so much fortunate to have such wonderful parents who dedicated their life for their special children. Being so much creative, and different in his thought, many times he made his class mates wonder as how he conceived some of the photography ideas.

I took it as a privilege and great opportunity and challenge to bring life to such a wonderful learner through my favorite art of photography. Deshabanthu is one of the few students who had completed the BTEC Level-5 course right on time with out any delay and now he is practicing as a freelancer doing weddings, portraits, and table top photography.

Ambitions 4 Photography Academy had set its standards very high by making a differently abled learner to get the international qualification. All other learners who want to take excuses by blaming others for not making the success happen, must ask themselves that, when Deshabanthu is able to make it; why can’t they?

– KL Raja Ponsing, founder and director Ambitions4 Photography Academy

2 thoughts on “DESHABANTHU RAM K

  1. That was such a special occasion four years ago and it heartwarming to be reminded of it. Deshabanthu’s determination and courage are an example to us all. It’s great to see that he is working at his chosen profession and making a success of his life. Please pass my warmest greetings to Deshabathu – and of course to the fantastic team at the best photography academy in India.


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