Ever since its inception in 2001 Ambitions4 Photography Academy has made a difference and change in the lives of many learners of photography. Among them, there are few, who had made it really big and achieved their qualification despite of many constrains and challenges in their personal life.

FAHD AL MO FAREJ (25 Years) from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was our special student who did the ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY in Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. For a very soft spoken, calm and composed person like Fahd who came from a different cultural background, life in India was really challenging. In the sense, the spicy food, culture, climate, Tamil – the local language and English – the medium of instruction, and so on. He had never complained about the odds but took it as a challenge to sustain and completed his Diploma.


Despite of all these odds, Fahd had focused on to photography, yes.. only on photography during his stay in India. Being a member of a very rich and large family in Saudi Arabia, he was all alone for little more than a year learning photography in India to achieve a qualification of his interest. I have come across a lot of learners complaining about few odds and uncomfortable zones in life and take it as an advantage for not doing their tasks or achieving their goals. Fahd’s sustenance against all the odds is a great lesson that other students should learn.

Creative, disciplined, hard working and affectionate Fahd sometimes had to live on chocolates and fruit juices to avoid the spicy south Indian food.   He used to cycle all around the stretches of Chennai with his favorite Olympus system of cameras for all his assignments and projects. With his sign language he had made a lot of local friends in his locale.


As a unique learner Fahd never missed any class or never failed to bring camera, laptop and ID card. I could still remember his sharp eyes looking for details in everything he saw.  As a teetotaller and God fearing person, he used to pray five times a day irrespective of the location where he was. In fact, special permission was given to him during the class and studio hours for his prayers.

He cherished that I had not only taught him photography but also the values of life, which had changed some of his beliefs about life.  Our relationship with Fahd had gone to the extent, that he called me as ‘Father’ at the end of the course. He is now on his own practicing as an advertising photographer catering to the needs of leading advertising agencies in the Gulf. I am proud of Fahd as a photographer evolved from my experience and wish him every best! – KL Raja Ponsing, founder and director Ambitions4 Photography Academy


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