“Photography was all about clicking profile picture for friends” – Kiranmayi


“Photography was all about clicking profile picture for friends and showing it off in the social network until Ambitions4 unveiled a whole other dimension of photography and made me realize that there should be life in a picture more than smiles and flowers.

I am immensely proud to be one of the students of the eminent teacher, Raja sir for he has traveled through the transformation of photography for more than 35 years. His motivation, guidance and critiques helped greatly to get better by the day. In simpler words, we will get to know what a good picture is.

For the Full-time Advanced diploma, we got to learn and work on almost all the genres in Professional photography. I felt bit skeptical about few tasks but I did fairly well and learned that, you never know in what genre you are good at unless you try everything.

Assignments were the best part. It helps you to evolve. Each assignment was a great challenge and full of fun.

The ultimate change I felt after joining here is the confidence to handle tricky situation because the way sir acquaints us with the techniques will never leave your head. Every time you face a challenge, the solution will come to your mind as his voice. That’s the impact of his teaching.

No other photo school will let you handle the equipment independently and as many times as needed. And the faculty will always spare time for the students when we approach them.

Design classes from Preethaa ma’am, a Pro in retouching and design will do wonders to the pictures we take. Apart from technical part, they teach us marketing techniques, business promotion and other personality skills that can help you when you take this as a linear profession.


On top of all, Ambitions4 has created an avid thirst to explore and I would love to learn forever from Raja sir, who is clearly a living book of knowledge.”

Kiranmayi, Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography student from 2016 batch.

Check out her works on https://www.instagram.com/kiranmayi_/

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