Ever since its inception in 2001 Ambitions4 Photography Academy has made a difference and change in the lives of many learners of photography. Among them, there are few, who had made it really big and achieved their qualification despite of many constrains and challenges in their personal life.


SATHIYARUBAN an immigrant from Sri Lanka. Doing a lot of odd jobs after his schooling Sathya (that is what we call him), landed in India along with his brother and mother after the civil war. Helping his brother who was working as a wedding photographer, Sathya wanted to pursue the International qualification, BTEC HND Level-5 from Ambitions4. A very hard working person, Sathya was not very much comfortable with English as a medium of instruction and he found it very challenging when comes to some writing exercises.

He was truly dedicated and always did the assignments and projects more than what is required. He has always been a lavish shooter trying a lot of alternative options in terms of concept, content, composition and techniques. As a fascinated street photographer his works on photo-journalism and editorial photography were amazing. He had set his goal to work for National Geographic.


Though he was very silent in the class, he could talk enough on the shoots. He was an action guy. He worked towards the results and perfection. He never asked for excuses but found a solution for every photography problem. He never took anything for granted, but asked for reasons and evidences. With a lot of extra efforts and help of his class mate and friend Sriram, Sathya had improved his writing skills in English and effectively completed all his project logs, and learning experiences.Sathiyaruban2

His endeavor to do a coffee table travel book on Mysore for the government of Karnataka as the real time professional job was something amazing that proved his dedication and commitment. A non compromising person and photographer he always wanted the best and did the best as a BTEC achiever. He was one among few learners who had assisted me in my commercial jobs and workshop sessions. Sathya is now in Switzerland doing what he has always been passionate about.

His journey as a learner in Ambitions4 is a standing example as how a learner has to take up a course in photography and make it successful.



Career Opportunities

There are several career opportunities available in the Photography Industry. Watch this space for updates on the same. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy will serve as a link between the student photographers as well as the alumni and the organisations providing the opportunity. Apply with your ID number and portfolio.

Opportunity 01. Food Photographer

A Bangalore based company into photography services. Currently they have a requirement to cover food shoots in restaurants across Chennai. 
This will be a long term assignment.
Also note no editing of photos or videos is needed. All they need to do is shoot and send the files. Training will be provided via internet. 
Following are the details
  • Experience : 6 months to 1 year. (Trained freshers can also apply)
  • We are looking for photographers to join us. Basic video skills necessary .
  • You will work for 15 days a month at your convenience.*TnC apply
  • Salary will range from 7.5k to 15k based on experience and the number of days you work for. Travel allowance will be provided. 
  • Jobs will mainly include ecommerce photography. Professional training will be provided. (Currently food only)
Basic gear necessary: 18mp+ camera, kit lens + 50mm lens, tripod, speedlights (2 nos). Light stand and flash mount (2 nos), remote trigger, Umbrella. 
Photographers with studio lights can also apply but since traveling in involved it might be inconvenient. 
Unlimited package of internet connection for file uploads. 

Opportunity 02. Food Photographer

 Looking for Food photographers in Chennai. We work with companies like Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy . We do 300 shoots every month. 
We will offer full-time positions candidates after they inter with us for a month.
Details of the Shoot
1. 3-4 Restaurants per day
2. 15 images per restaurant
3. Rs 600 per restaurant. Each student can make upto Rs 2400/- everyday
4. We need professionals not part-timers. 
Equipment requirement
1. Full Frame camera
2. Tripod
3. Macro Lens 50 / 100 mm
4. LED lights
Please send your portfolio and contact details.