Admissions open for the 82nd Basic Photography weekend batch

  • Understand technology and experience photography!
  • Shoot amazing photographs
  • Wow your friends and family with your photography skills
  • Understand your Camera better
  • Acquire a new hobby
  • become a confident photographer through our streamlined curriculum with a supportive demo practical sessions, mentor-guided field trips, feedback and review sessions.

Learn Photography from Ambitions 4 Photography Academy!

Admissions open for the 82nd Basic Photography weekend batch.

Call 9444 441190 for details

Feedback from Participants

Anand babu of the 78th Basic Photography Weekend batch

Being a part of the 78th batch of basic dslr photography course, I would say this is the best academy in the metropolitan to start ur venture towards photography.
I would point out the key factors what everyone will look for before joining any institution.
1. Quality of teaching – No wonder the founder of the institution is called the Photo Guru. Breaking down even the complex answers in the easiest form. Be it any question, u will get a feel that the same question has been asked to him already a thousand times. He comes out with flawless explanation. U will realise in no time what a depth of knowledge he has. Best part is every class is conducted by himself, be it theory or practical. It indicates how serious he is about the job even when he was conducting his 78th batch.
2. Course objectives – It is framed in such a way u just start from the scrap and build it slow and steady. U will realise in no time that you are getting a hang of it. The theory and practical sessions are well balanced.
3. Infrastructure – its a wonderful place to be. U can appreciate even the way how the construction of the place is. The photos displayed all over. U will never get boredom even if u look at them over and over. Absolutely clean and hygienic place.
4. Course fee – U will in due course of time after joining will realise its more than full paisa vasool. Best part is even if u miss out few classes u r most welcome to attend it at the next batch without paying anything extra. It clearly sends a message that its not only about the money that they value. The real intention is to impart knowledge.
5. Staffs – We had an opportunity to be with Mr.Swaroop and Mrs.Preetha. They are so friendly and help u out every time when u r in need. U will get very good guidance even if u would like to know about which cam or lens u would like to go for. For that matter any gadget related to photography.
Overall I would say this is the best place one would like to be if they want to learn about photography. No chances of regrets, more chances to appreciate.

Anand Babu 78th Batch Basic.jpg

to see works of the participants click the following link

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