5 Advantages of APS-C cropped sensor cameras

5 Advantages of APS-C cropped sensor cameras:

  1. Small size sensor makes the camera small, light-weight and affordable – good for travel and casual candid photography
  2. The lenses for crop sensor cameras are relatively less expensive
  3. The optical performance of any lens is better towards the center, and when you get an image cropped from the center, it has got a lesser optical problem
  4. The crop factor of the focal length of the lens makes you get the image closer than the full frame equivalent. A 50mm lens will give a coverage of 75mm when used on the APS-C cameras.
  5. Small sensor cameras can shoot closer – it possible to focus closer and get a macro like shots. 18-55mm kit lens can focus as close as three inches..!
    Never worry about your crops sensor camera…it has got its own advantage…enjoy photography

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