Basic Photography Weekend Course – Batch No. 84

Admissions Open for the 84th Batch starting in January 2020
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Duration: 7 weekends (14 sessions)
Time: Saturday 2.30 – 5.30pm
Sunday 10.00am – 1.30pm
Course Fee: INR 14,950/-
Venue: Ambitions 4 Photography Academy

Learn how to take amazing images with your mirrorless or a DSLR camera.
Learn the techniques to shoot better photos and impress your friends and family, all this from the pioneer photography academy in Chennai. Join our Basic Photography weekend classes.

  • Understand the camera controls & use it right.
  • Learn the essential techniques of photography to make a picture.
  • Learn to shoot meaningful photos.
  • Make picture composition work wonders.
  • Discover a fine photographer in you in a journey starting from Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

Become a confident photographer through our streamlined curriculum with a supportive demo practical sessions, mentor-guided field trips, feedback and review sessions.

Photography, like any form of fine arts, opens up a channel for self-expression and help the individual to observe the world and appreciate the finer aspects of life. People who learn and practice the art of photography tend to grow as a better human being who can make positive changes to himself and the community.

Eligibility & Prerequisites:

The ‘basic’ course participants must have an interest in and attitude to learn photography. The minimum education qualification required is the completion of higher secondary education. They must possess a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Duration: – 7 weekends – (Saturday 2.30 – 5.30pm and Sunday 10am – 1pm) 14 days (48hrs.). Schedule of classes will be published in the first week of the program.

Registration: You can either call or send the academy a message on
+91 9444 441190

Course Fee: INR 14,950/-

What will you learn from this course?

1. See the subject. To see is more than looking and to become a photographer one must know to see the world around.

2. Understand the camera and the human eye. Yes, the way you see a subject may not appear in a photograph. Why is this? How to make your camera work for you.

3. Make photos. Making a photo is a process and taking a photo is an accident. Good photos happen with imagination, planning and understanding the equipment.

4. To understand the basic controls of the camera. New generation digital SLR cameras have a lot to offer for a photographer. Unless you know the various applications of the controls of your camera your imaginations cannot become an image.

5. To understand different kinds of lenses. Unless you know the various properties of lenses, you cannot handle different perspective of lenses to match the situation and your imagination.

6. To understand the basic controls like aperture, shutter speeds, exposure, and exposure meters. Learn to use the depth of field, the effect of motion and exposure creatively.

7. To see the light around. One of the most important elements of photography, light is very special and learning to understand the natural light variations and artificial light and making it work is important for a good photographer.

8. To understand the composition guidelines and aesthetics of photography. Composition helps one to communicate effectively through powerful photos. Shoot meaningful images – understand artistic elements of photography, the vision psychology and apply it.

9. Tips to shoot great photos. Fine-tune your skills using the easy tips to make your images great.

10. To shoot families, friends. People photography is something one practices to prove the talent of photography. You win people’s confidence by specializing in simple portraits using outdoor – available light.

11. To shoot great outdoors. If you love landscapes, nature, animals, temples, monuments, and buildings you can even make money from your photos.

How will you learn the above?

Through extensive classroom sessions, demo sessions, outdoor tours guided by the mentor, and review classes.

What will you get on completion of the course?

Completion of the course includes submission of a project as a soft copy. ‘Certificate of Basic photography’ with grades is awarded to the learner at the end of the course.

Admissions Open
84th Batch Basic Weekend Photography Classes start in Jan 2020.
Call Now: 9444 441190

Feedback from our Participants:

Anand babu of the 78th Basic Photography Weekend batch

Being a part of the 78th batch of basic dslr photography course, I would say this is the best academy in the metropolitan to start ur venture towards photography.
I would point out the key factors what everyone will look for before joining any institution.
1. Quality of teaching – No wonder the founder of the institution is called the Photo Guru. Breaking down even the complex answers in the easiest form. Be it any question, u will get a feel that the same question has been asked to him already a thousand times. He comes out with flawless explanation. U will realise in no time what a depth of knowledge he has. Best part is every class is conducted by himself, be it theory or practical. It indicates how serious he is about the job even when he was conducting his 78th batch.
2. Course objectives – It is framed in such a way u just start from the scrap and build it slow and steady. U will realise in no time that you are getting a hang of it. The theory and practical sessions are well balanced.
3. Infrastructure – its a wonderful place to be. U can appreciate even the way how the construction of the place is. The photos displayed all over. U will never get boredom even if u look at them over and over. Absolutely clean and hygienic place.
4. Course fee – U will in due course of time after joining will realise its more than full paisa vasool. Best part is even if u miss out few classes u r most welcome to attend it at the next batch without paying anything extra. It clearly sends a message that its not only about the money that they value. The real intention is to impart knowledge.
5. Staffs – We had an opportunity to be with Mr.Swaroop and Mrs.Preetha. They are so friendly and help u out every time when u r in need. U will get very good guidance even if u would like to know about which cam or lens u would like to go for. For that matter any gadget related to photography.
Overall I would say this is the best place one would like to be if they want to learn about photography. No chances of regrets, more chances to appreciate.

Learner Experience

I am Anoop Kumar, joined the Basic Photography Course in Ambitions. Initially, I was actually trying to learn things from the internet and YouTube…I was not making much progress and I thought maybe I’ll join a course. And here what I found good is that the Camera features are all explained in detail and then you are made to do hands-on sessions whereby you practice all those features. And we go for this Photowalks or field trips that is what I like the most because you take those photos and practice those ideas and then those photos are reviewed and you are given feedback on how to improve and what are the other aspects you need to consider etc. So right now I am seeing an improvement over what I was doing earlier and I feel this was overall a good experience .

Tips to avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake or handshake is a basic problem in many of the beginners’ photos.
Use faster shutter speeds….this is decided based on the lighting condition and the focal length of the lens used.

  • 1.Use the shutter speed higher than the reciprocal of the focal length. Ie. If we are shooting with a 50mm range, the shutter speed has to be atleast 1/60secs and 200mm range, then it should be 1/250secs
  • Use higher ISO settings.
  • Use large aperture (f/4, f/2.8) settings
  • Use IS or VR options ON on your lens or camera.
  • Use the camera on a sturdy tripod. When you are shooting in low light condition, and not able to stick on to the reciprocal principle.
  • For long exposure and bulb settings, use a remote shutter release to trigger the shutter button.
  • Use total flash exposure…flash can easily freeze the action

Enjoy photography….