Learner Experience

I am Anoop Kumar, joined the Basic Photography Course in Ambitions. Initially, I was actually trying to learn things from the internet and YouTube…I was not making much progress and I thought maybe I’ll join a course. And here what I found good is that the Camera features are all explained in detail and then you are made to do hands-on sessions whereby you practice all those features. And we go for this Photowalks or field trips that is what I like the most because you take those photos and practice those ideas and then those photos are reviewed and you are given feedback on how to improve and what are the other aspects you need to consider etc. So right now I am seeing an improvement over what I was doing earlier and I feel this was overall a good experience .

Tips to avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake or handshake is a basic problem in many of the beginners’ photos.
Use faster shutter speeds….this is decided based on the lighting condition and the focal length of the lens used.

  • 1.Use the shutter speed higher than the reciprocal of the focal length. Ie. If we are shooting with a 50mm range, the shutter speed has to be atleast 1/60secs and 200mm range, then it should be 1/250secs
  • Use higher ISO settings.
  • Use large aperture (f/4, f/2.8) settings
  • Use IS or VR options ON on your lens or camera.
  • Use the camera on a sturdy tripod. When you are shooting in low light condition, and not able to stick on to the reciprocal principle.
  • For long exposure and bulb settings, use a remote shutter release to trigger the shutter button.
  • Use total flash exposure…flash can easily freeze the action

Enjoy photography….