Why buy 50mm f/1.8 Prime lens?

VFM EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

  1. This is a compact, lightweight lens which can be fitted on both APSC crop sensor and full-frame cameras. Easy to carry and good for travel, street and even wedding photography.
  2. Being a prime lens, the optics is simple and performance is good. Used for all kinds of general photography like portraits, landscapes, buildings, bridges, palaces, candid wedding events, functions and a lot more.
  3. Also called a normal lens on a full-frame camera, the perspective is close to the human eye. Gives a near-natural feel of human vision.
  4. With F/1.8 as a maximum aperture opening, it is possible to shoot in low light. Particularly candid shots, street photography, night photography.
  5. With F/1.8 as a maximum aperture opening, it is possible to get shallow depth of field – easy to throw the BG out of focus – Ideal for portraits and great for getting beautiful bokeh effects.
  6. With F/1.8 as a maximum aperture opening, it is possible to use faster shutter speeds to freeze actions and works in lower ISO – noise-free images.
  7. Relatively cheap (around Rs.8000/-) when compared to other professional lenses or fast lenses. Enjoy photography….

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