A Few Become Many: Photo walk on Mahabalipuram’s Shore Temple.

A SUV from Chennai to Mahabalipuram used to pack at best two people from Ambitions4 Photography Academy on its way for an early morning Photo walk in Mahabalipuram. The story this time was different. 

There were 9 seats in the car including the one behind the steering wheel and there were 14 applicants for it. After filtering out the crowd, we set out with 7 enthusiastic students and 2 staffs on what seemed to be an overcast morning. Rain teased us again but stayed out during the best parts of the day.

A 50km drive on OMR/ECR on Sunday mornings with other motorheads is an event by itself but with Horse blinkers on we were headed straight to Mahabalipuram where our beloved photo walkers were gathering looking forward to an exciting three hours.

Fun Fact on the way: Fastags aren’t implemented on the State Highways yet. (15th Dec 2019)

Food takes precedence to all the above. A dosa & coffee stop was made, and we headed towards the gates of shore temple with happy stomachs.

There we were greeted by happy faces. Alumni, New students, Current Students and complete strangers were waiting for use to give the opening instructions and get that walk going. Just like that from 9 the number became about 20.

With the rising sun behind the shore temple, we started out with some beautiful backlit and silhouette of the shore temple.

The one thing we noticed at first glance was that, It was CLEAN. Owing to two things, The Modi Visit and the Lite showers the day before.

This time around there were a lot of ppl doing touristy things around the shore temple. A lot of foreigners were spotted too, owing to the holiday season.

We practiced composition concepts and then moved around the temple to find a puddle of water which was strategically reflecting the shore temple’s Gopuram. There we learnt how to break the rule of thirds and include reflections in a photo.

We then moved around to shoot images with perspectives, patterns and used lines and curves efficiently to add depth in an image.

Through out the session we had our mentor KL Raja Ponsing, clarifying doubts and teaching the walkers to take beautiful images of the location.

We also bent our backs to get interesting frame in frame images with grass, trees, leaves etc. too.We regrouped for one more time to review our images. After some customary selfies we journeyed back to Chennai.

An Active Sunday Morning. A Walk on the Marina. 8th Dec 2019.

Sunday mornings are usually spent lazing around in bed or recovering from a very long Saturday night. Not if you are an enthusiastic student of Ambitions4 Photography Academy.

Our Sundays are different. You can find us at Kapaleeshwar temple of marina beach or even Mahabalipuram with a bag at the back and a camera around our neck.

With precisely disturbed hairstyles and little attention to our appearances, we set out on the 8th of Dec 2019, for our photowalk, with our Basic batch students and for the very first time this photowalk was open for public to join. We were accompanied by a few enthusiastic alumini of ambitions and a few of their followers.

Starting this walk at the “walking statue of MK Gandhi” at Marina beach was symbolic of sorts. The weather was kind to us. Clouds were in attendance. The sun was shy at first but then came to chill with us.

We started our Photowalk with silhouette of the statue and playing with white balance to change the color of sky to our own imagination.

After a customary group photo in front of the Gandhi Statue we moved inside to explore the activities happening in the beach. From Yoga, Silambu payirchi, Volleyball, Gymnastics etc, the beach is filled with activities as we head towards the shore. By shooting them, we demonstrated action freeze and action blur techniques, rule of thirds and other composition rules. We also practiced to shoot against back-light by using exposure meter in the camera.

At the shore,We found a couple of docked boats and a beautiful couple taking amazing portraits of themselves against the beach background. We socialised a bit with them clicked a few nice portraits for them. Took their contact details to send the images and started the long walk back to our parking.

On the way, we had to stop at a coffee place, which was probably the only mistake of this amazing morning walk.

A great day.

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But for now enjoy our Posts and photos.

Article by Siddharth K. alumni, professional photographer and faculty at Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

Advanced Studio Lighting course experience – Sudha Nov 2019

Sudha shares her learning experience at Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. She participated in the Advanced studio lighting weekend course. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy is pleased to announce that the next batch of Advanced Studio lighting weekend course begins on 18th Jan 2020

Hi, I’m Sudha, A very proud student of ambitions4 photography academy.

” I have been a traveling photographer. Just amateur, Not professional. So naturally, when I take many photographs, I wanted to do something better and know the basics behind photography rather than randomly clicking. So, I was just and obviously, there were many centers but I was very impressed with the reviews of Ambitions and therefore I joined the basic course here, That was long back. The basic course was a complete mind opener because there were so many nuances about the camera, about the basics, about the techniques which I was not aware of although I have been taking photographs for a very long time.

So, After that I was very impressed and I have to say about Mr. Raja Ponsing, he is one of the amazing gurus ever and I have seen a lot of YouTube videos, Photography related and there have been a lot of workshops, Shoots practice sessions and so many other things and I have compared my multiple summits and even after seeing so many things I have to say that he is one of the amazing gurus because he has passion towards teaching. We get a One on one interaction and all the doubts get clarified by approaching personally. He is very easy to approach and a very technically sound person.

It has been over a year and I have been shooting and now I have joined the advance program where it is all about lighting studio settings, external lightings, etc. which has taken me to the next step. I am almost towards the end of the course and it has taken me to the next step of understanding the science behind photography. So, overall I think I would recommend this place to any person and this has been an amazing journey. I would like to thank Ambitions as well as Mr. Raja Ponsing for bringing out that creativity in me. Thank you!!!”

Click to know more about our course: http://bit.ly/2YOrZX9

Duration: 6 weekends
Date: 18th Jan 2020 Time: Saturday 10.30 am – 1.30pm Sunday 2.30 to 5.30 pm
Fees: Rs.14,950/= including GST.
For more details call 9444 441190


According to the WHO, malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. Undernutrition includes stunting (low height for age), wasting (low weight for height), underweight (low weight for age) and micronutrient deficiencies or insufficiencies (a lack of important vitamins and minerals). So, sometimes a child may have eaten plain boiled rice and have a full tummy, but is still considered malnourished as the body lacks the proteins and vitamins from dairy and vegetables. But semantics aside, sheer hunger is also a reality in many parts of India. It was heart-wrenching to discover villages where no one – man, woman, or child – has eaten in several days.

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Exhibition opens from 10th – 13th December 2019 at 10.30am – 6.00pm at The Art Gallery, 1st Floor, Bikaner House, Pandara Road, New Delhi.

Kindly spread a word and do come.

Thanks and regards,
Sudharak Olwe

26th November World Constitution Day or Samvidhan Divas, the day the Constitution of India was adopted. Among all the other rights of a child, the right to food is one of the most basic. And yet, recent statistics show startling facts like one in three Indian children being malnourished and many falling into the category of SAM — Severe Acute Malnutrition.

I have been travelling at the grassroots level in remote areas across five states to discover and document exactly what is going wrong with our systems – social as well as administrative – that children everywhere are suffering like this. Now, I’m ready to share the results our research in an exhibition of photographs held at the Art Gallery of Bikaner House in Delhi from December 10 to 13, 2019.
The size and diversity of India is itself a factor in the slow implementation of various programmes to reduce malnutrition among children. The Angan Wadi Workers (AWWs) are women with some basic education and a lot of enthusiasm for helping others in their village and surrounding areas. While they do their best under the circumstances, I found that many of them lacked adequate training for using new equipment like gadgets to measure a baby’s height or the tablet-based CAS (Common Application Software) that has been introduced in some states to replace the voluminous registers that all the children’s data is recorded in.
Although the legal age for an Indian woman to be married is 18, during my recent research I encountered many young mothers across India, who had clearly been married when they were just entering their teens. Anemic and under-developed physically, mentally and emotionally, they are ill-equipped to bring up healthy children. I found that offspring of such under-age mothers are often severely malnourished.
Endangered Species: Malnutrition stalks Indias children
In my efforts to find out more about why malnutrition is
so widespread across our country, I found that although parents may be willing to travel long distances and give up their daily wages, sometimes medical care is still not available to their SAM child. This is because most Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs) have just 10 beds and cater to the needs of several surrounding villages and there is often a long waiting list. More and better equipped NRCs are the need of the hour.
Endangered Species: Malnutrition stalks Indias children
On my recent travels through five Indian states, I encountered several cases of severely malnourished children. Considered both a medical and
social disorder, Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is defined by very low weight for height, or a low mid-upper arm circumference, or by the
presence of bipedal nutritional oedema. SAM is an acute condition and afflicted children will either recover or die within a few weeks. Cases are
usually divided into two categories – those with medical complications such as diarrhoea, fever, and pneumonia, needing facility-based care and
those without complications, who can be managed in the community.
Malnutrition and hunger are plaguing our future generation and we HAVE to work 24/7 to change this sorry state of affairs.

Love photography…Love the world.

Power of photography in schools..!

It was an enchanting experience for me to meet and chat with the budding enthusiastic students from Amalorpavam higher secondary school, Pondicherry, who showed tremendous interest in photography.
I was invited to share a few thoughts on photography with the 8th & 9th std. students of the school. The school has an extracurricular option to learn digital photography and I was stunned by the amount of interest and dedication these young minds have towards photography.

I remembered saying in one of my television interviews and wished to have photography as a regular subject in schools. This is happening in this school as an extra curriculum. They have an experienced photographer as the faculty and the photography knowledge of the students was amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these kids…bubbling with imagination and creativity. We had a question and answer session also. The students were also informed about the prospective options to take photography as their career.

Plant the seed of photography in the minds of young kinds. Teach them the right way to see the world around. This will make them love the world and nature around. They will start appreciating everything around them and stop blaming. This will reduce enemity, hatetedness & jealousy. You can build a world with fewer crimes and problems.

I drove back from Pondicherry with the feeling of satisfaction. It was more than doing a fat assignment and earning in lacs.

Love photography…love the world.