Photo guru Travel Diaries. Stop 1 : Salem!!!

Learn to shoot stunning images with Studio Flashes, Create amazing portraits, model portfolio images and more.
Understand Studio Lighting techniques in depth.

Take your Photography to the Next Level!!!

Learn from the Master KL RAJA Ponsing!

Join SRI PRABUS PARADISE STUDIO in there effort to host Mr.KL Raja Ponsing, founder of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and KLR the photo guru YouTube channel at Salem, Tamil Nadu for exclusive Studio lighting and Portrait photography masterclass.

Get hands on experience and learn how to use studio flashes and get all your photography doubts cleared in real time.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Lighting styles.
  • Understanding Studio lights.
  • Managing the Backdrops.
  • Effective use of Props.
  • Effective and Aesthetic Posing techniques.
  • Correction techniques.
  • Studio Management.

For details and registrations
CALL: 9842399554, 9524452000

Eligibility: Must be comfortable with Basics of Photography.

Equipment : A DSLR or Mirrorless cameras, External Speed lights, remote flash trigger.

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