Love photography…Love the world.

Power of photography in schools..!

It was an enchanting experience for me to meet and chat with the budding enthusiastic students from Amalorpavam higher secondary school, Pondicherry, who showed tremendous interest in photography.
I was invited to share a few thoughts on photography with the 8th & 9th std. students of the school. The school has an extracurricular option to learn digital photography and I was stunned by the amount of interest and dedication these young minds have towards photography.

I remembered saying in one of my television interviews and wished to have photography as a regular subject in schools. This is happening in this school as an extra curriculum. They have an experienced photographer as the faculty and the photography knowledge of the students was amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these kids…bubbling with imagination and creativity. We had a question and answer session also. The students were also informed about the prospective options to take photography as their career.

Plant the seed of photography in the minds of young kinds. Teach them the right way to see the world around. This will make them love the world and nature around. They will start appreciating everything around them and stop blaming. This will reduce enemity, hatetedness & jealousy. You can build a world with fewer crimes and problems.

I drove back from Pondicherry with the feeling of satisfaction. It was more than doing a fat assignment and earning in lacs.

Love photography…love the world.

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