An Active Sunday Morning. A Walk on the Marina. 8th Dec 2019.

Sunday mornings are usually spent lazing around in bed or recovering from a very long Saturday night. Not if you are an enthusiastic student of Ambitions4 Photography Academy.

Our Sundays are different. You can find us at Kapaleeshwar temple of marina beach or even Mahabalipuram with a bag at the back and a camera around our neck.

With precisely disturbed hairstyles and little attention to our appearances, we set out on the 8th of Dec 2019, for our photowalk, with our Basic batch students and for the very first time this photowalk was open for public to join. We were accompanied by a few enthusiastic alumini of ambitions and a few of their followers.

Starting this walk at the “walking statue of MK Gandhi” at Marina beach was symbolic of sorts. The weather was kind to us. Clouds were in attendance. The sun was shy at first but then came to chill with us.

We started our Photowalk with silhouette of the statue and playing with white balance to change the color of sky to our own imagination.

After a customary group photo in front of the Gandhi Statue we moved inside to explore the activities happening in the beach. From Yoga, Silambu payirchi, Volleyball, Gymnastics etc, the beach is filled with activities as we head towards the shore. By shooting them, we demonstrated action freeze and action blur techniques, rule of thirds and other composition rules. We also practiced to shoot against back-light by using exposure meter in the camera.

At the shore,We found a couple of docked boats and a beautiful couple taking amazing portraits of themselves against the beach background. We socialised a bit with them clicked a few nice portraits for them. Took their contact details to send the images and started the long walk back to our parking.

On the way, we had to stop at a coffee place, which was probably the only mistake of this amazing morning walk.

A great day.

Keep in touch with @ambitions4 on insta for updates on such walks.
Look into our website for information on our courses.
Save our Number 9444441190 to reach out to us for know what we do and how we do it. Hit us up to join some energetic photography courses with us.
But for now enjoy our Posts and photos.

Article by Siddharth K. alumni, professional photographer and faculty at Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

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