Admissions open for the 47th Advanced Photography weekend batch

Learn to shoot stunning pictures in the studio, create amazing portraits, model portfolios and more. Understand Studio Lighting techniques in depth.

1. Shooting people Portrait photography – Natural Light Portraits – Window light portraits – Use of reflectors – fill-in flash using portable speed lights.

2. Studio lighting techniques and correction techniques –

Understand studio digital flashlights and accessories. – Creative studio Studio portraits – Learn to shoot pictures of people beautifully and secrets to how to make anyone look great!- Different lighting set ups – model portfolio shooting – fashion and advertising photography involving people/models – outdoor portraits using studio flash and portable flashes – Speedlight controls – slave and master flash set ups.

3. Camera RAW correction – Understanding the Adobe Camera RAW image correction and editing techniques.

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Call 9444441190 for admission details

Venue: Ambitions 4 Photography Academy

Some of our Alumni who have completed the Advanced Weekend Course

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Model Portfolio and fashion Photography

Understand studio digital flashlights and accessories. Learn to take pictures in a controlled light environment. Working inside a studio is a great way to take pictures of people beautifully.

Learn to make anyone look great! Studio Portrait lighting styles and correction techniques in detail – model portfolio shooting – fashion and advertising shots involving people/models – outdoor portraits using studio flash.

Here are some of the works done by our full-time Diploma students. Subscribe to see more works.

Beautiful Portrait shot by Berline as a part of his course project

Fashion portfolio for Vishal Sundar shot by Nikita Rao as a part of her course project

Fashion Portrait shot by Uma Sankar as a part of his course project

Fashion portfolio for Suma Poojari shot by Srikant S as a part of his course project

Beautiful Portrait shot by Abhinandan as a part of his course project

Fashion Portfolio for Shirley Babithra shot by Nivethan as a part of his course project

Model Portfolio shot by Manoj K Srinivasan as a part of his course project

Commercial shoots done by our students

Photoshoot for TEDx Violonist Shravan Sridhar by our alumni Kiranmayi
Actor Shaam shot by our alumni Yogesh K.R. for Zee Tamil

Contemporary and Candid Wedding Photography weekend course

Wed 11

ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR Contemporary and Candid Wedding Photography weekend course

  • அர்த்தமுள்ள, கதைசொல்லும் கேண்டிட் படங்களை காட்சிப்படுத்தல்
  • திருமணங்களில் Professional Studio பிளாஷ், – Professional Studio Camera mounted பிளஷ்ஸ் – பயன்பாடு
  • லைட்டிங் செட் அப் – available மற்றும் வீடியோ லைட் ஐ பயன்படுத்துதல் – mixed லைட் செட் அப் – ஒளட்டோர் போர்ட்ரைட்இல், லோ லைட்
  • டாப் அங்கிள் , லோ அங்கிள் போட்டோகிராபியில் மோனோ பாட் பயன்பாடு
  • கேண்டிட் படத்திற்கு பெஸ்ட் லென்ஸ் மற்றும் செட்டிங்ஸ்
  • புதுமண ஜோடியை Pre- வெட்டிங் / போஸ்ட் வெட்டிங் படங்களுக்கு போஸ் கொடுக்க ஊக்குவித்தல் , மேலும் பல புதிய தகவல்கள், குறிப்புகள்

How to see and visualize a candid shot? – How to make the candid shots meaning full & storytelling? – How to use the professional studio flashes in the wedding events? – How to use the professional portable camera mounted flashes? – How to use the available lights and video lights as sources? – How to mix the above lights in a wedding/event scenario?

How to use monopods in wedding shoots for low light photography/top angle/low angle photography? – How to control the depth of field effectively to tell stories through photos? – How to use fast prime lenses like 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.2 and zoom lenses 16-35mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses for shooting candid shots? – How to motivate the couple in a pre/post wedding shots?

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30th March 2019 (10.30 am to 1.30 pm)
31st March 2019 (2.30 pm to 5.30 pm)
6th April 2019 (10.30 am to 1.30 pm)
7th April 2019 (2.30 pm to 5.30 pm)

Fees: Rs.5750/=

Venue: Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, Chennai

Call: 9444441190 for details and registrations
*Limited seats only

Some of our students who are successful Wedding Photographers after completing the Weekend courses.

follow our Instagram account to see the works of our students and alumni:

TRYVA Workshop 2019

Mr.KL Raja Ponsing, founder and director of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, Chennai conducted a Special Studio Lighting Workshop in Trichy, organised by TRYVA (Trichy Videographers and Photographers Association) on 5th March 2019. The workshop was a great success with hands-on Practical sessions. The portraits were shot using simple lighting equipment like Speedlights (Godox V860).

05 Trichy WS 2019

Mr.KL Raja Ponsing share’s his thoughts about the workshop

“இன்னும் ஒரு பயனுள்ள நாள்…! மார்ச் 5ஆம் தேதி திருச்சியில் நான் நடத்திய ஒளிப்பட பயிற்சி பட்டறை..! திருச்சி மாவட்ட வீடியோ மற்றும் போட்டோக்ராபர்ஸ் அஸோசியேஷன் ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்த ஒருநாள் பயிற்சி. புது தெம்புடன், மீண்டும் திருச்சி ஒளிப்பட கலைஞர்களை சந்தித்து எளிமையான ஒளி அமைப்புடன் உள்அரங்கில் அழகான படங்கள் எடுப்பது எப்படி என்று விளக்கினேன்.

பங்குபெற்றவர்கள் ஆர்வத்துடன் என் விளக்கங்களை புரிந்து கற்றுக்கொண்டனர். ஒளிபடமெடுத்தலின், இன்றைய சவால்கள், தொழில்நுட்பங்கள் என பல விஷயங்களை பேசினோம். நம் துறை சார்ந்தவர்களை சந்திப்பதும், துறை பற்றி நிறைய பேசுவதும் என்னை பொறுத்தவரை ஒரு புத்துணர்ச்சி தரும் நிகழ்வு. ஒளிப்பட பயிற்சி பட்டறை முடிந்து திரும்பும்போது ஒரு நிறைவான, மகிழ்ச்சியான உணர்வுடனும், அனுபவத்துடனும் சென்னை வந்தடைந்தேன்.”

01 Trichy WS 2019

Some pictures shot during the workshop demo

Mr.KL Raja Ponsing with the organisers and participants of the workshop

06 Trichy WS 2019

Life behind the lens


Interview with KL.Raja Ponsing, founder and director,

How has the landscape for photographers changed in the city in the last five years?

The landscape of photography altogether has changed a lot in the recent five years on the whole and Chennai is not an exception. One can find that almost every professional photographer now owns expensive cameras and equipment. Unfortunately, many of these photographers believe that good photos come from an expensive camera or an expensive brand. Many of them tend to work very randomly and shoot 100 images to get 10 usable pictures. Turn the clock back 10-15 years, photographers use to think before every shot. But now many of them are reluctant to check even the basics. Many feel that making mistakes while shooting is accepted and is a part of the process because there is a software to repair the images later on.

At the same time, professional photography has become very expensive now, ie. people do spend big time on photography. If you look at wedding photography, photographers direct the entire wedding like a feature film. They use all kinds of gadgets whether it is really necessary or not. One can find images shot from up in the air till under the water in one wedding album. However, it’s saddening to see that the very essence of true and natural emotions, meaning of a ritual and the overall feel is lost in wedding photography as they are directed and set up shots.

Coming to commercial photography, part-time hobbyists do the jobs at a throwaway price pledging the values of photography. It has become rare to find genuine, passionate photographers who maintain the values of the profession.

What is it that students have to have in order to learn and pursue a future in photography?

The most important quality to pursue and be successful in photography is the ‘passion for the great art’. A passionate student can dedicate his/her time effectively in learning and become big and useful. They must be willing to do hard work 24X7 with a target to achieve. Though photography is a lot of fun, it should be learned and practiced seriously. Students with an artistic bent of mind and who think little out of the box have a better chance to become successful professionals. In the present scenario, they must be willing to learn throughout their life and update the technology and the trend.

Many photographers, though not all, are self-taught. What role does a school of photography play in guiding photography aspirants?

There is nothing like ‘self-taught in photography’. We pick up a lot of information from the internet, other photographers and their photos. This helps the self-taught photographers to do some trial and error basis learning. A good photography school can help the students in the following areas,

  1. A formal education from a school of photography leaves no stone unturned.
  2. The learners are given ample scope to understand all the possible technics and art through the structured curriculum.
  3. This gives a lot of self-confidence and helps them solve the problems thrown at them quickly and efficiently once they start their professional photography careers.
  4. This makes learning fast and reduces the possible mistakes that happen otherwise. For example, a photographer who has attended a formal course will be able to master the techniques, art, and business in a couple of years. Whereas, others may take years to achieve the same through a lot of trial and error and guesswork.
  5. Most importantly a good photography school can give a hands-on experience on some of the expensive and rare state of the art equipment, facilities, special skills, and real-time job experience.

These opportunities may or may not happen even after a long time for a self-taught photographer.

What are the courses in photography offered by Ambitions 4?
Ambitions4 Photography Academy offers fulltime and weekend courses.

How is the scene of photography in Chennai when compared to the other metropolitan cities in the country?

Chennai is a unique city in India which has a beautiful mix of technology and tradition. The value of photography as a business is very much influenced by the culture and tradition of the place/city. The photographers in Chennai are equally talented like other cities and some of them are even internationally renowned. A lot of big jobs in photography is being done in Chennai for a simple reason, the photographers are dedicated and disciplined to their jobs. The commercial value of a job in Chennai is relatively less, I mean; the photographers are not paid like other cities. The job opportunities are becoming good in recent years.

In what line of work can photography students explore a more lucrative future? (i.e., Other than still photography)

Moving to become commercial, advertising, fashion and big-time wedding photographers is the best option for a lucrative career. Apart from being still photographers, the students can head towards working for movies after assisting cinematographers. They can also start doing short films, corporate films, advertising films and so on. This is possible for, they have a strong foundation about the visual art and medium.  They can team up to operate as a company to do weddings and events which could turn out to be a lucrative future. Image post-processing and designing is yet another area they can explore.



Ever since its inception in 2001 Ambitions4 Photography Academy has made a difference and change in the lives of many learners of photography. Among them, there are few, who had made it really big and achieved their qualification despite of many constrains and challenges in their personal life.


SATHIYARUBAN an immigrant from Sri Lanka. Doing a lot of odd jobs after his schooling Sathya (that is what we call him), landed in India along with his brother and mother after the civil war. Helping his brother who was working as a wedding photographer, Sathya wanted to pursue the International qualification, BTEC HND Level-5 from Ambitions4. A very hard working person, Sathya was not very much comfortable with English as a medium of instruction and he found it very challenging when comes to some writing exercises.

He was truly dedicated and always did the assignments and projects more than what is required. He has always been a lavish shooter trying a lot of alternative options in terms of concept, content, composition and techniques. As a fascinated street photographer his works on photo-journalism and editorial photography were amazing. He had set his goal to work for National Geographic.


Though he was very silent in the class, he could talk enough on the shoots. He was an action guy. He worked towards the results and perfection. He never asked for excuses but found a solution for every photography problem. He never took anything for granted, but asked for reasons and evidences. With a lot of extra efforts and help of his class mate and friend Sriram, Sathya had improved his writing skills in English and effectively completed all his project logs, and learning experiences.Sathiyaruban2

His endeavor to do a coffee table travel book on Mysore for the government of Karnataka as the real time professional job was something amazing that proved his dedication and commitment. A non compromising person and photographer he always wanted the best and did the best as a BTEC achiever. He was one among few learners who had assisted me in my commercial jobs and workshop sessions. Sathya is now in Switzerland doing what he has always been passionate about.

His journey as a learner in Ambitions4 is a standing example as how a learner has to take up a course in photography and make it successful.



“Photography was all about clicking profile picture for friends” – Kiranmayi


“Photography was all about clicking profile picture for friends and showing it off in the social network until Ambitions4 unveiled a whole other dimension of photography and made me realize that there should be life in a picture more than smiles and flowers.

I am immensely proud to be one of the students of the eminent teacher, Raja sir for he has traveled through the transformation of photography for more than 35 years. His motivation, guidance and critiques helped greatly to get better by the day. In simpler words, we will get to know what a good picture is.

For the Full-time Advanced diploma, we got to learn and work on almost all the genres in Professional photography. I felt bit skeptical about few tasks but I did fairly well and learned that, you never know in what genre you are good at unless you try everything.

Assignments were the best part. It helps you to evolve. Each assignment was a great challenge and full of fun.

The ultimate change I felt after joining here is the confidence to handle tricky situation because the way sir acquaints us with the techniques will never leave your head. Every time you face a challenge, the solution will come to your mind as his voice. That’s the impact of his teaching.

No other photo school will let you handle the equipment independently and as many times as needed. And the faculty will always spare time for the students when we approach them.

Design classes from Preethaa ma’am, a Pro in retouching and design will do wonders to the pictures we take. Apart from technical part, they teach us marketing techniques, business promotion and other personality skills that can help you when you take this as a linear profession.


On top of all, Ambitions4 has created an avid thirst to explore and I would love to learn forever from Raja sir, who is clearly a living book of knowledge.”

Kiranmayi, Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography student from 2016 batch.

Check out her works on