Kodak V348 video light -Review

  • Size: 174 X 123 X 19mm
  • Number of LEDs: 348 true colour LEDs
  • Power out put: 25watts
  • Colour temperature: 3200-5500K dedicated colour temperature control
  • Battery: F550 / F770 / F970 with battery power indicator
  • DC power 7.2 to 9.0 volts

Can be used on the DSLR or Mirror less flash mounts

  • Can be tilted from the mounted position.
  • Can be used on regular tripod stands
  • Comes with a built in sliding diffuser for better light quality
  • Application: Good for YouTube bloggers, news, editorial and documentary video production as a main light. Can also be used as a fill-light with other LED lights.
  • Plus: Size, weight and built quality Consistency in out put Battery compatibility With batteries, can be comfortably used in the out doors Good light for simple video production and value for money

“My Valentine…” February 2015 – photo contest organized by Ambitions4 Photography Academy – Image Review


Topic related to Valentine’s day, many enthusiastic photographers captured the moods of valentine. Most of the images are just a direct couple shots and the meaning of valentine here is confined only to couples..!. But still, few of the images deserve appreciation.

02 Feb My Valentine 02

This image by Zahoor Ahmed is a beautiful peace of story telling picture about our Valentines. On the beach.., on a sunny day…, unmindful about the surroundings…., an interesting capture. The composition and exposure are just perfect. The man next to the couple talking on the mobile phone is an interesting element in the shot. The use of selective focus to establish an activity amidst the crowd is to be appreciated.

02 Feb My Valentine 03

Another image (02) by Zahoor Ahamed is again in the beach. But is very expressive and depict the joy of togetherness. The splash of water and the mood is well captured. The light on the couple is just right and tells a lot about the details. A bit of a tilt in the frame could have added more dynamics and action.

02 Feb My Valentine 01

The above image by Arul Kumar is an unusual point of perspective. The translucent saree in the front does an appetizing job in the image. Though a set up shot, the feel of romance is established. Flow of the light and the fall of the fabric makes the image it interesting. The strong backlighting made the shot very effective. The shape of the couple is beautifully feathered with the soft backlight.

Top three winners of the month selected based on the maximum number of votes/ likes for the image.

picture winning 1st place  click here

picture winning 2nd place  click here

picture winning 3rd place  click here