How to ‘fill’ in Photoshop CS 6?

Fill: Paint bucket (G) to fill solid color / patterns


 Edit > fill (shift +  f5)

Alt + delete/backspace – to fill foreground color
foreground color

Ctrl + delete/backspace  – to fill background color
background color

Short Cut keys for selection tools and View options

The following short cut keys is common for the Marquee tool  (M) like

marquee tool  marquee tools

  • Rectangular Marquee tool
  • Elliptical Marquee
  • Single Row Marquee tool
  • Single Column Marquee tool

While making a selection

  • Shift creates a selection of  1:1 (w:h) ratio (square /circle)
  • Alt  = selection from centre
  • Shift +Alt =(square /circle) selection from centre

 After making a selection

  • Shift  – Adds to selection

add selection

  • Alt   – Subtracts from selection

subtract selection

  • Shift + Alt – Intersects with selection

intersect selection

Lasso Tool (L)

lasso tool  lasso tools

While using

Polygonal  Lasso – Alt + drag to toggle to Lasso

Magnetic – Alt click to toggle to Polygonal Lasso and Alt + drag to toggle to Lasso


Zoom in : Ctrl +

Zoom out : Ctrl –

Pan: Space bar key

Fit screen: Ctrl 0

100% (Actual Pixels): Ctrl 1