Two days out with young college students in D.G.Vaishnav college

Conducting a photography workshop is not new to me. But these two days 9th &10th January 2020) with young creative students of Viscom department of D.G.Vaishnav college, Chennai is something worth mentioning. The ‘travel photography’ and ‘event photography’ seminar session on the first day is something I handled for the first time for college students.

After a long drive from Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and managing multiple traffic jams on a working day, we reached the college which is in the middle of the city at Aminchikarai. The travel in the morning hours made us (me, Mufeez – my student and Siddharth K – our senior faculty ) understand the challenges of commuting in Chennai. This is yet another occasion my Mahindra Xylo made me feel very comfortable and proved its performance.

Like getting into a factory, for the first time, we got our visitor ID card with a photo in it. Of course, the photo did not resemble us..that is a separate story. We were received by Dhaanush, a third-year Viscom student and he took us to the HOD, Ms.Vasanth. who gave me a warm welcome and remembered her days in MOP Vaishnav college for women (My daughter Preethaa was studying then at MOP Vaishnav college for women).

I went to the seminar hall of the department and found the place very clean (of course the entire college was clean and green) and students were very disciplined. The LED projector was splendid and gave true colour of my images (this is generally very rare). The session was very interactive and I simply enjoyed the time with the fresh minds.

The second day was at the studio….wow..that is really big, well laid out and very clean. I started an informal session of understanding the studio lights and its usage. Two students, Puja and Ameer modeled for the session and the images were shot and shown to them live.

I made them to understand the basic lighting styles, butterfly, Rembrandt, short, broad, rim, double rim, hi-key, low key etc. The entire day was energetic and the students had a packed informative session. The students’ feedback about the sessions were very honest and motivating.

It was also a learning experience for my Full-time Diploma students, Yogeshwaran V, Godwin Infant, Mohammed Mufeez who assisted me along with Siddharth.

I drove back again in thick traffic with the sweet memories of mentoring…!

Experience shared by our Founder Mr.KL Raja Ponsing – known as KLR the photo guru.

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Love photography…Love the world.

Power of photography in schools..!

It was an enchanting experience for me to meet and chat with the budding enthusiastic students from Amalorpavam higher secondary school, Pondicherry, who showed tremendous interest in photography.
I was invited to share a few thoughts on photography with the 8th & 9th std. students of the school. The school has an extracurricular option to learn digital photography and I was stunned by the amount of interest and dedication these young minds have towards photography.

I remembered saying in one of my television interviews and wished to have photography as a regular subject in schools. This is happening in this school as an extra curriculum. They have an experienced photographer as the faculty and the photography knowledge of the students was amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these kids…bubbling with imagination and creativity. We had a question and answer session also. The students were also informed about the prospective options to take photography as their career.

Plant the seed of photography in the minds of young kinds. Teach them the right way to see the world around. This will make them love the world and nature around. They will start appreciating everything around them and stop blaming. This will reduce enemity, hatetedness & jealousy. You can build a world with fewer crimes and problems.

I drove back from Pondicherry with the feeling of satisfaction. It was more than doing a fat assignment and earning in lacs.

Love photography…love the world.

Introduction to Photography – Fun With Your Camera…!!!

A Two day course, specially designed for beginners, helps you understand your camera and take wonderful images with it.

The Course is set to lay a strong base in Digital Photography. Starting with how a Digital Camera works, this course guides the learners in understanding the parameters that add to the quality of their images.

Learning about Composition, Adjusting Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO to achieve the desired Exposure and Depth of Field, Using appropriate drive modes to keep your subject in focus, getting creative with blurring and freezing techniques are key aspects of this course.

Course Schedule:

Day 1 – Session 1 (10.00am to 1.00pm) Demos and Hands on:
Get More Out of your Digital Camera.

  • .Know important controls of the camera – AF points – picture style – drive modes – white balance – live modes
  • Importance of ISO – aperture – shutter speed – understand interlinks between them to achieve proper exposure.
  • Understand Depth of field – Get Creative with Motion blur and Action Freeze.
  • Know Basics of Exposure – Auto and manual exposure – Understand why an image is dark or bright and ways to correct it. Understand Exposure Compensation.

Day 1 – Session 2 – (2.00pm to 5.00pm) Demos and Hands on
Learn to see the surroundings – Effective Story Telling with your Camera.

  • Learn the Art in Photography.
  • Learn Basics of good Composition – Understand basic composition rules.
  • Learn how to study ambient light – Understand the charestrictics of available light and learn to use them to your advantage.

Day 2 – Session 1 – (6.15am to 9.00am)
Photo walk with the mentor

  • Learning on the field – Walking around an iconic place in Chennai, learn the nuances of street photography.
  • Apply what was taught on day 1 – Click some stunning story telling images.

Day 2 Session 2 – (1.30pm to 5.00pm)
Review and Light Room.

  • Review of photo-walk images – scopes to make them better.
  • Editing in Lightroom. – Understanding the images and applying basic corrections to them to make them pop using Lightroom software.
  • Question and Answers.

Course Information

Date: 2nd and 3rd November 2019.
Day 1: 10am. to 5pm.
Day 2: 6am. to 9am. and 1:30pm. to 5pm.
Course Fee: INR 2950/-

For Enrollment Call:
+91 944 4441190

Venue: Ambitions4 Photography Academy

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