Advertising Photography

Here are some of the Advertising Photography works of the learners of Diploma in Photography fulltime programme of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. Some of the concepts are inspired from ideas from various sources. The learner’s understanding of Commercial photography especially in the field of Advertising is evident. Some of the images have been digitally manipulated to bring out the concept effectively. The learners are trained to handle various subjects – People, products etc in the studio and at the location extensively to help them achieve a great level of confidence in the subject of Commercial Photography.

Each picture has been shot, digitally processed and designed by the learners. This helps them understand the power of image processing and digital manipulations to a great extent thereby helping them in the effective planning and execution of the shoot.

Here are some of the works of our BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Photography Alumni ….

Product Photography

The learners of Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Photography programme Batch 2012 of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, tried their hands on creative product photography. Its amazing how the same products are represented by different learners using different techniques and the their creative thought process. Hands on practical experience with repeated consistent feedback helps each learner to develop their skills.

Locus – a showcase of our students’ creations

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Ambitions 4 Photography Academy is stepping into yet another platform to showcase students’ work and experiences. We hope it would help our learners develop their learning and career prospects. This blog will mainly focus on sharing the works and experiences of the Edexcel BTEC HND Diploma in Photography learners. We will also be sharing a few tips on various genres of Photography and the allied fields. The blog is aimed at promoting healthy competitive spirit among the learners. Works and insights of of our Alumni will also be featured in the blog.