Food Photographers needed



Job type: Full time
Job description: Food photography for restaurants in Chennai
No. of restaurants per day – 3

Number of working days: Min 22 days. You can work on weekends as well
Salary: Rs 23,000/- basic salary
Allowance: Rs 75/- per restaurant + Rs 400/- Internet recharge per month. *

Incentives format:
Below 60 shoots pm – Rs 00/-
60 and above – Rs 5,520/-
70 and above – Rs 9,520/-
80 and above – Rs 13,520/-
90 and above – Rs 17,520/-

Terms and conditions:
Approved leaves per month 2 days. But should be informed in advance.
Long leaves should be applied at least 15 days in advance
Working on weekends is optional and can only help you in achieving your targets
Bad performance and breach of copyrights will result in immediate termination. In
such cases compensations will be questionable.
3 months contract will be made and renewed based on performance
10% TDS is applicable

Eligibility: Ambitions 4 Photography Alumni – who have completed the Food Photography module / attended Food Photography Workshop

Call 9444441190 for details.



Career Opportunities

There are several career opportunities available in the Photography Industry. Watch this space for updates on the same. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy will serve as a link between the student photographers as well as the alumni and the organisations providing the opportunity. Apply with your ID number and portfolio.

Opportunity 01. Food Photographer

A Bangalore based company into photography services. Currently they have a requirement to cover food shoots in restaurants across Chennai. 
This will be a long term assignment.
Also note no editing of photos or videos is needed. All they need to do is shoot and send the files. Training will be provided via internet. 
Following are the details
  • Experience : 6 months to 1 year. (Trained freshers can also apply)
  • We are looking for photographers to join us. Basic video skills necessary .
  • You will work for 15 days a month at your convenience.*TnC apply
  • Salary will range from 7.5k to 15k based on experience and the number of days you work for. Travel allowance will be provided. 
  • Jobs will mainly include ecommerce photography. Professional training will be provided. (Currently food only)
Basic gear necessary: 18mp+ camera, kit lens + 50mm lens, tripod, speedlights (2 nos). Light stand and flash mount (2 nos), remote trigger, Umbrella. 
Photographers with studio lights can also apply but since traveling in involved it might be inconvenient. 
Unlimited package of internet connection for file uploads. 

Opportunity 02. Food Photographer

 Looking for Food photographers in Chennai. We work with companies like Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy . We do 300 shoots every month. 
We will offer full-time positions candidates after they inter with us for a month.
Details of the Shoot
1. 3-4 Restaurants per day
2. 15 images per restaurant
3. Rs 600 per restaurant. Each student can make upto Rs 2400/- everyday
4. We need professionals not part-timers. 
Equipment requirement
1. Full Frame camera
2. Tripod
3. Macro Lens 50 / 100 mm
4. LED lights
Please send your portfolio and contact details.

Food photography – green tea

green tea demo shoot

Green Tea – Table top set up – Studio Practical class

The session to shoot green tea in a cup and saucer was a great experience when I demonstrated shooting food in the studio for our BTEC level 5 learners. We visualized the tea in a transparent cup placed on the saucer. We thought it would be better to show a piece of cut lemon and mint leaves as supporting elements.

It was a high key feel we wanted to achieve. Everything went on well and we started with a transparent base and back lighting to show green tea to be appetizing. The tea was diluted enough to show the transparency. The first test shot showed the lemon and mint really dark and non-appetizing.

We then planned for a narrow light source using a 10-degree grid from the sides to fall on the lemon and mint leaves. Another narrow light source was placed from behind the mint leaves to show its texture and glow. All the three lights were moved & fine-tuned carefully to avoid any spots or specular highlights on the cup and saucer.

studio practical class

We rotated the cup carefully to show it’s interesting shape. In the next shot, the high light from the rim of cup reflecting in the green tea created confusion. To avoid the reflection, we did move the main light source carefully on to our right.

Almost closer to the final shot, I suggested my students to get a kind of gentle texture /shadow feel in acrylic base. This of course will break the monotony of the plain white in the base. This had to be achieved without spoiling the feel of high key. The learners were instructed to place a transparent plain glass on the work-table and spread a plain white satin cloth randomly with a graphical pattern and then placed the white acrylic sheet on the satin cloth. The whole set of base was lit from the bottom by a 10 degree grid.

We decided to go for the available light shot using the modeling lamp of the studio flash. This gave us better control of light and shadow on the base of the cup. The camera was tilted a bit to get the dynamic feel. A long exposure of 6 seconds was selected. The camera’s mirror was up and the shot is done by remotely Controlling the camera from the computer.

K L.Raja Ponsing

green tea