Model Portfolio and fashion Photography

Understand studio digital flashlights and accessories. Learn to take pictures in a controlled light environment. Working inside a studio is a great way to take pictures of people beautifully.

Learn to make anyone look great! Studio Portrait lighting styles and correction techniques in detail – model portfolio shooting – fashion and advertising shots involving people/models – outdoor portraits using studio flash.

Here are some of the works done by our full-time Diploma students. Subscribe to see more works.

Beautiful Portrait shot by Berline as a part of his course project

Fashion portfolio for Vishal Sundar shot by Nikita Rao as a part of her course project

Fashion Portrait shot by Uma Sankar as a part of his course project

Fashion portfolio for Suma Poojari shot by Srikant S as a part of his course project

Beautiful Portrait shot by Abhinandan as a part of his course project

Fashion Portfolio for Shirley Babithra shot by Nivethan as a part of his course project

Model Portfolio shot by Manoj K Srinivasan as a part of his course project

Commercial shoots done by our students

Photoshoot for TEDx Violonist Shravan Sridhar by our alumni Kiranmayi
Actor Shaam shot by our alumni Yogesh K.R. for Zee Tamil


Understand Picture Style / Picture Control

Camera’s processor process the JPEG images based on the settings we choose. Picture control or Picture Style is a pre-set option, used to process the images based on the type of subject. Saturation, Colour tone, Sharpness, Contrast, Clarity etc are the effects applied during the image processing in the camera.

How to use Grey Card ?

When you need an accurate white balance for your pictures, using a grey card is one of the easiest methods to get the correct white balance in your pictures. 1. Use a grey card to set the exposure right 2. Use grey card when the scene contains high contrast light 3. 18% grey and light meters 4. How to use the grey card while shooting? 5. Using the grey card for exposure and white balance controls 6. Use the grey card as a reference and colour correct the image in a post-production

Have you ever tried a Magic filter – CPL filter..?

Have you ever tried a Magic filter – CPL filter..?

The Circular Polarizing filter (CPL) is a magical filter that does wonders in photography.
1. The polarizing filter will remove/reduce the unwanted reflections created by indirect diffused light from non-metallic surfaces. It cannot remove/reduce the specular reflections created by the direct light sources.
2. CPL filter is a dark grey special optical filter fitted on to a rotatable ring mounted in front of the lens.
3. CPL lets in the polarized light without reflections to enter into the camera. The effect of polarization can be seen apparently in the viewfinder as you rotate the CPL filter. The overall subject gains better colour saturation and clarity gradually and becomes best at one point of rotation
4. CPL filter can saturate the green foliage and blue sky while shooting nature and landscapes.
5. The amount of colour saturation and clarity obtained depends on the light direction and time of the day.
6. CPL filter polarizing effect will be ultimate in ‘sidelight’ conditions and will be the least in ‘against the light’ conditions.
7. It will be better during the golden hours of photography (up to two hours from the Sunrise and two hours till Sunset).
8. CPL filter comfortably removes the reflections on the glass, tiles, shiny floors, shiny furniture, wet surfaces, water and almost anything that reflects. Useful for shooting exteriors & interiors, glass enclosures, high reflective products like automobiles etc.
9. Being dark grey, the CPL filter will absorb at least two to three stops light. This will result in using slow shutter speeds or higher ISOs or open apertures or all the three.
10. CPL filter can also be used like an ND (Neutral Density) filter for achieving shallow depth of field/ blurring effects.
11. CPL filters can also be used in the indoors with artificial lights and studio flashes.
12. Only a very ‘good quality CPL filter’ can protect the optical quality of your expensive lens – never settle for anything less.


Career Opportunities


There are several career copportunities available in the Photography Industry. Watch this space for updates on the same. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy will serve as a link between the student photographers as well as the alumni and the organisations providing the opportunity. Apply with your ID number.

Opportunity 01

A start up offering ‘novel advertising platform’ for SME’s with its corporate office in Chennai.  The agency offers great opportunities for ambitious advertising/media professionals to partner the Agency’s growth. Excellent work environment and handsome compensation standards.

Job Profile/Description

Jr. Photographer (In-house)

No. of Posts – 01

A strong technical aptitude and enthusiasm to learn and grow are the primary requisites.

Other/Special Requirements:

Should be passionate, hard-working and a team player. Every assignment will have a detailed brief and the candidate will report directly to the creative team leader.

Qualifications: A Degree / Diploma 

Experience: 0 to 2 yrs.

Remuneration: between min. of 12,000 to max. of 20,000 per month depending upon the candidate.

The photographer can work on other freelance assignments of their choice for certain number of days in a month.

How to Apply: 

Email resume with subject Opportunity 01 along with link to portfolio to

Last date to apply : 10th March 2015

Opportunity 02

We occupy a unique niche in the advertising industry, producing high end digital still images and videos, and other interactive multimedia content. Our clients are made up of leading advertising agencies, E-Commerce Websites, Social Networking Websites, Hotel Chains, and many more different types of businesses.

We are looking to expand its team of photographers nationwide to shoot digital still images and videos. We outsource a range of photography assignments to them like assignments for the hotels, tourist attractions, stock images, assignment work for a client in their local area.

Job Profile/Description

Freelance /in house photographers

Experience: fresher / experienced

Remuneration: based on each assignment and the skill of the photographer

How to Apply: 

Email resume with subject Opportunity 02 along with link to portfolio to

Opportunity 03

Job Profile/Description

Studio / Event Photographer (In-house)

No. of Posts – 01

Qualifications: Min 10 std, should have completed Basic and Advanced photography course in Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

Other/Special Requirements:

Should know to work on Photoshop. English and computer knowledge mandatory.

Experience: Fresher

Remuneration: min. of Rs.8,000/- to 10,000/- per month depending upon the candidate. Can be increased based the candidate’s performance.

How to Apply: 

Email resume with subject Opportunity 03 along with link to portfolio to

Last date to apply : 10th March 2015

Opportunity 04

Internships for wedding photographers, photo editors, video editors and album designers

You must be able to manage multiple responsibilities in a very busy environment. Previous experience in their respective fields are also considered.

Since the internship is under the training, salary will not be provided. If experienced, we can have a discussion about the salary.

Email resume with subject Opportunity 04 along with link to portfolio to

Opportunity 05

We at Chennai Newz are looking for full time or part time Photographer for the position of Photojournalist freshers can apply Requirements Passion towards Media Photography Dslr Camera with flash two wheeler to commute. Assignments will consist of Press Meet coverage,fashion show,lifestyle shoots etc. For further details contact 8939570319 / 9940510183