Courses and Workshops 2019

Learn Photography from the best Photography school in Chennai. Join the Professional Photography full-time or weekend courses at Ambitions4 Photography Academy, Chennai an institution that has created several outstanding professional photographers in the past two decades. Experienced faculty, international facilities, an ideal environment to learn the art of Photography and convert it from passion to profession. 
Here is a list of courses and special workshops planned for the next three months. Call us for further details

Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography
Course Duration: 1 Year
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+91 9444 441190
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Advanced Photography Weekend Course
Starts on 6th July 2019
Time: Sat : 10.30am to 1.30pm Sun: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Fees: INR 17,500/-
For Registrations:
+91 9444441190
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Basic Photography Weekend Course
Starts on 6th July 2019
Time: Sat : 2.30pm to 5.30pm Sun: 10am to 1pm
Fees: INR 14,950/-
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Portrait & Advanced Studio Lighting Workshop

Portrait & Advanced Studio Lighting Workshop
Dates: 22nd to 26th July 2019
Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm
Fees: INR 11,800/-
For Registrations:
+91 9444441190
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Lightroom Classic Workshop
Dates: 3rd & 4th August 2019
Time: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Fees: INR 5,000/-
(including lunch)
For Registrations:
+91 9444441190
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Album Design Course
Dates: 5th to 11th August 2019
Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm
Fees: INR 10,000/ –
For Registrations:
+91 9444441190
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Tips for Better Composition(Part 1) – Webinar by KL Raja Ponsing
Date: 22 June 2019
Time: 7.00pm to 7.45pm
Fees: INR 350/ –
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For Registrations:
+91 9444441190



Many photographers, though not all, are self-taught. What role does a school of photography play in guiding photography aspirants?people

In this present scenario of students passing out from their schools are finding it difficult to decide on the courses and career options. Many times, the wishes of the parents become the ‘forced wish’ of the student. Unfortunately, most parents do not bother to identify the special skills of their children but make them study something that is of no interest to them. End of the day, the children do something that they are not interested and they become just mediocre in their chosen

Particularly when our children are not interested in academics…it is the sign that they have some other special skills (sports, drawing & painting, dance, music, acting, photography, cinema, media, cooking, crafts, designing and lot more) and we need to promptly guide them so that they can excel in their special/personal skill-based profession. Photography is always being an aspiring career option for anyone interested in the art of seeing and storytelling. It has become a stable career now….as the need for good photographers is in high demand. There are a lot of photographers earning higher than the standard academic persons doing routine jobs.location

The most important quality to pursue and be successful in photography is the ‘passion for the great art’. A passionate student can dedicate his/her time effectively in learning and become big and useful. They must be willing to do hard work 24X7 with a target to achieve. Though photography is a lot of fun, it should be learned and practised seriously. Students with an artistic bent of mind and who think little out of the box have a better chance to become successful professionals. In the present scenario, they must be willing to learn throughout their life and update the technology and trend.advertising

Many photographers, though not all, are self-taught. What role does a school of photography play in guiding photography aspirants? This is a question in the minds of many of us trying out photography and want to become a professional photographer.wildlife

There is nothing like ‘self-taught in photography’. We pick up a lot of information from other photographers and their photos. Internet and books are yet another source photographers lean and update. This helps the ‘self-taught photographers’ to do some trial and error basis learning. But as the need of today, a good photography school can help the students in the following ways.

  1. Formal education from a school of photography leaves no stone unturned.
  2. The learners are given ample scope to understand all the possible technics and art through the structured curriculum.
  3. A formal education gives a lot of self-confidence and helps them solve the problems thrown at them quickly and efficiently once they start their professional photography career.
  4. Joining a reputed school of photography makes learning fast and reduces the possible mistakes that happen otherwise. For example, a photographer who has attended a formal course will be able to master the techniques, art and business in a couple of years. Whereas, others may take years to achieve the same through a lot of trials and guesswork.
  5. Most importantly a good photography school can give hands-on experience on some of the expensive and rare state of the art equipment, facilities, special skills and real-time job experience.

These opportunities may or may not happen even after a long time for a ‘self-taught photographer’.


“Do the job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, goes a saying. When you do what you like, then your job is not a burden but pleasure!  Let our children enjoy their passion as a profession.

click here to know what one of our 1-year Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography learner Kiranmayi feels about the course in Ambitions 4 Photography Academy

Nikita Rao our 6 months Diploma in Photography Course learner – Batch 2016 shares her views about the course


Ever since its inception in 2001 Ambitions 4 Photography Academy has made a difference and change in the lives of many learners in photography. Among them, there are few, who had made it really big and achieved their qualification despite of many constrains and challenges in their personal life.


ESMERALDA ELIZABETH PETERSEN, an overseas student from Brazil, mother of three kids is a very special student for Ambitions4 Photography Academy. She was working as a secretary before joining Ambitions and had a lot of passion for photography. She could make her dream come true by joining Ambitions when her husband came to India on an assignment for little more than four years. She joined our full time Diploma, BTEC level-5 and had completed it on time with flying colours.

Esmeralda BTEC


The major challenge for her was, to mange her family of five and balance the studies at Ambitions4. As she speaks Spanish, she was not comfortable with English initially but managed to learn English along with photography. The amount of attention she showed in the class and studio sessions was amazing. The level of commitment to complete the assignments and projects on time with quality submission was something that surprised us all.  She had participated all the photography tours, workshops, and attended as many real time jobs as possible during her course time.

The amount of hard work, time management skills, balancing the studies and family, coping up with English as a medium of instruction were some of the special qualities of Esmeralda. She was truly genuine during the entire course time and took the best from the faculty, facility and the course.

People find a lot of reasons for not doing something but, the determination to win the BTEC HND Level -5 Diploma, despite of her constrains as a full time home maker, and a non English speaking learner is some thing that has to be appreciated and taken as a lesson by other learners. Now she had left for Europe and has plans to practice as a portrait and fashion photographer. We wish her all the very best to establish as a successful and popular photographer.

– KL Raja Ponsing, founder and director Ambitions4 Photography Academy