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Do you want to become a successful Fashion Photographer? Learn from the pioneer Photography Academy in Chennai that has created many successful photographers for the past two decades. 
Admissions Open for Diploma in Professional Photography full time courses at Ambitions4 Photography Academy, Chennai.

All the pictures featured here are shot by the students during their course for their Fashion Photography assignment.

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Our alumni specializing in Fashion






Admissions Open for the next batch of Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography full time course at Ambitions4 Photography Academy. Call +91 9444 441190 for details.

All images featured in the post are shot by the students during their course.

Do you want a successful career in Photography? Do you want to become a Professional Photographer? Join the best photography school in Chennai – a 19year old institution that has created outstanding professionals for almost two decades.

6 months Diploma in Professional Photography
1 year Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography
15 months Specialist Diploma in Professional Photography

Course starts on 6th June 2019

We teach various commercial genres of Photography that includes Portrait and Lifestyle, Wedding and Event – Fashion and Glamour – Advertising – Wildlife – Corporate – Industrial – News-Press Photojournalism – Documentary -and many more. 
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What our Alumni say:

Jitendiren: Commenting here, after a day of Professional Portrait session with my client…It was actually like i’m doing what i was doing with my friends all along…Taking them to places and clicking pictures of them….But now the difference is i’m getting paid for it…I can feel the benefits of completing a professional photography course at @ambitions4 … Things have changed dramatically over the past few years for me…The most important change being @ambitions4 and @klrajaponsing sir…It is the best place to learn the art of photography and the business side of it…Let us all start living an independent and passionate life by doing what we love….Do not hesitate, Start Learning… Once you get inside, you’ll know the difference….
(Jithendiren of batch 2017 is now practicing as an independent commercial Photographer shooting Jewelry, Portraits and Advertising in Salem and Chennai. Check out his works at https://www.soulartstudio.in/ )

Berline: yes, Here is the right place to fullfill your thirst in art of making picture. There are many places to teach U how to hold camera and how to press UR shutters. But here what we learnt is HOW ? WHEN ? and WHY ? to Make a picture, What the photography means !!! This explores when UR get trained in a right place, by right Mentor. Here i darely suggest @ambitions4 is the right place and @KL RajaPonsing Who is your right Mentor.
(Berline of batch 2017 is now an independednt Photographer and retouching artist practicing in Pondicherry and Chennai. He has worked at Lightrature in Chennai and Pondicherry.)

Surabhi Tripathy: 2 years ago, I didn’t know anything about ‘photography’. I would click what I like, however I liked. I didn’t even know how to use a DSLR. When I bought my first camera, I was in all sorts of mess. Googling how to use it. Then I realised that Learning photography is like an ocean. God knows how vast and how deep. I spoke to a friend and he suggested me to try Ambitions. That’s when I came across this institute and @klrajaponsing sir. Without him and @preethaa_priyadharshinima’am, I wouldn’t be where I’m today. They invested in every student individually and this is what makes them unique. I know how many times I was having trouble in learning a few techniques and they maintained their patience and made sure I got it right. Today when someone comes up to me and tells me that they like my pictures, I can only thank my teachers for it. I’m proud to be an alumni of Ambitions!
(Surabhi Tripathy of batch 2017 is now a Marketing Manager and Trainer for Profoto and Ilford at Shristi Digital. She is also a freelance Product Photographer)

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Panasonic LUMIX S1 – Review in Tamil

Panasonic DC S1- 24.2MP review

Collaboration of three giants…Panasonic, Leica and Sigma

  1. The DC-S1 is one of two of Panasonic’s new line of full-frame mirror less cameras.
  2. The S1 features a 24.2MP sensor,
  3. Comes with 24-104mm f/4 Panasonic lens  Panasonic Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens
  4. Large in size, professional look and good grip body weighing 900gms approx. with battery
  5. The magnesium alloy body is weather-resistant – small showers and minus 10 degrees centigrade
  6. It uses the L-mount originally developed by Leica and supports lenses from the Leica along with Panasonic and Sigma.
  7. Has a shutter rated to 4,00,000 cycles
  8. Dual memory card slots (SD and XQD) useful for professionals
  9. In-body shake reduction up to 6 stops that works in conjunction with stabilized lenses
  10. Panasonic’s Depth from Defocus contrast-detect AF system with multi area AF to face and body detection AF – tested for low light focus- works well,
  11. Focus peaking and focus stacking (Post focus)
  12. Ultra-high-res EVF with 5.7million dots 100% coverage, double-hinged Tilting LCD with Two million dots, Top panel LCD with light.
  13. S1 can shoot 92 Megapixel (S1R will shoot 187Mega pixels) hi resolution photos by merging four phots shot with one pixel shift – ideal for huge enlargements – camera has to be on the tripod, subject must be stable
  14. Lock lever button – controls on/off button to keep the settings intact during the shoot
  15. Stereo microphone and head phone sockets & Std HDMI port
  16. USB 3.1, Built in wireless, blue tooth, and remote control connectivity through smart phones
  17. Environmentally sealed DMW-BLJ31 Li ion battery with 600 shots per charge, battery charger with fast charge support also able to directly power the camera
  18.  Continuous drive of 9 FPS and 4FPS –
  19. Exposure compensation up to 5 +/- stops
  20. Capable of capturing 4K/60p video.
  21. ISO maximum 2,04,800 (tested for low light photography using ISO 6400 – noise is negligible ideal for wedding photography
  22. Maximum shutter speed 1/8000sec. and flash sync speed 1/320secs.
  23. Now available in the market for Rs.2,42,000/=

Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography

5 Reasons to study Photography

Photography is always an aspiring career option for anyone interested in the art of seeing and storytelling. It has become a stable profession now…as the need for a good photographer is in high demand.

There are a lot of photographers earning higher than the standard academic persons doing routine jobs.

Most important quality to pursue and be successful in photography is ‘passion for the art’ A passionate person can dedicate his/her time effectively in learning and become useful.

They must be willing to work 24X7 with a target to achieve

Though photography is a lot of fun, it should be learned and practiced seriously. Persons with an artistic bent of mind and who think out of the box have a better chance to become successful professionals.
In the present scenario, they must be willing to learn throughout their life and update the technology and trend.

There is nothing like ‘self taught’ in photography. We pick up lot of information from other photographers and their photos. Internet, You-tube, books, are other sources photographers learn and update. This helps the self taught photographers to do some trial and error basis learning. But as the need of today, a good photography school can help the students in the following five ways.

  1. The learners are given ample scope to understand all the possible technics and art through the structured curriculum
  2. A formal education gives lot of self confidence and helps to solve the problems thrown at them quickly and efficiently.
  3. A formal education makes learning fast and reduces the possibilities of mistakes that happens otherwise. For example, a phot ographer who has attended a formal course will be able to master the technics, art and business in a couple of years. Whereas, others may take years to achieve the same through a lot of trials and guess work.
  4. Most importantly, a good photography school can give hands-on experience on some of the expensive and rare state of the art equipment, facilities, special skills and real time job experience.
  5. A formal education gives an opportunity to develop contacts and network for business developments in the initial stage of the career.

These opportunities may or may not happen even after a long time for a self-learned photographer.

The pictures featured in the video have been shot by the students of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and Mr.KL Raja Ponsing.

These opportunities may or may not happen even after a long time for a self-learned photographer.

Shot by our student Mrithika Sonali

Shot by our student Mruthika Sonali who has completed the Basic photography Weekend course

High end Retouching for Portrait and Fashion -workshop

The workshop is designed to help you Improve your portrait retouching, understand all the fundamentals of color correction, retouching, from enhancing eyes and lips to dealing with blemishes, adding depth and dimension making skin smooth and also retaining the texture and important details. Background change.

Mentored by R.Preethā Priyadharshini

Fees: 2000/- (including Lunch)

Eligibility: Must have knowledge of Tools and Basic Photoshop interface Bring your portrait images and transform them into professional high-end final images.

Requirement: Laptop with Photoshop installed

Venue: Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, Chennai https://goo.gl/maps/GfxoxuwrraP2 Call: 9444441190 to enroll